How to Draw a Simple Sphere

How to Draw a Simple Sphere

This tutorial explains the processes involved in drawing a simple sphere with graphite pencil.

Difficulty: 2*

Required Equipment:

  • Pencils: HB-3B
  • Cotton buds/pads/tissues or Q-Tips


Step 1:

Trace a circle using a something circular. Don’t apply too much pressure when you are doing so and make sure that whatever you are using to trace around is clean or else it may leave a dirty residue on the paper.



Step 2:

Decide on a light source and begin to shade the sphere but be sure to leave a small patch bare to act as the highlight.



Step 3:

Smooth out the shading with a tissue/cotton pad.



Step 4:

Now add slightly darker shading to the outer regions of the sphere where the shadows would lie.



Step 5:

Smooth out the shading. Make sure that you don’t smudge over the lighter areas where you did not just shade as you do so.



Step 6:

Now add another layer of shading, this time adding dark areas at the outer edges.



Step 7:

Again, smooth out the shading, but be careful not the go over the lighter areas as the shading is quite dark now.



Step 8:

Add a very thin layer of dark 3B shading on the edge opposite the light source and then smooth it out.


Step 9:

Finally, try and erase the smudges which will have accumulated outside the sphere, but be very careful not to erase any of the shading within it.

(Note: All images in this tutorial have been enlarged to make the steps easier to follow)

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