How to Draw Bricks

How to Draw Bricks

The first of two tutorials on drawing bricks. This tutorial covers drawing the outline and arrangement of the bricks which can be a bit painful and time-consuming, but is a very important step when drawing a brick façade.

Difficulty: 1*

Required Equipment:

  • Pencils: HB
  • Ruler (absolutely required)
  • Eraser


Step 1: Choosing your Dimensions


Begin by choosing the dimensions of the bricks that you want to make. To make it easier to draw, you could choose the width of the bricks to be the same width as your ruler (you will see how this makes it easier in the next few steps). The general rule of thumb is to make the width of the bricks roughly 2.5 times longer than the height of the bricks, but it depends on what sort of shape you are looking for.
You now must consider how thick you want the spacing between the bricks. I would recommend the the spacing should be between 15-20% as wide as the height of the bricks.

Step 2: Beginning to Draw the Grid


Begin by drawing a very faint vertical line. The bricks will be drawn perpendicular to this line, so unless you want the brick wall to be at an angle (i.e. not parallel with the paper borders), then make sure that this line is perfectly vertical.
Now draw the horizontal lines that will act as the bottom and top borders of the bricks. I have decided to make my bricks 10mm high and have 2mm of spacing between the rows of bricks. It is very important to draw these horizontal lines faintly as you will need to erase portions of them later.

Step 3: Drawing the First Row of Bricks


We can use our ruler here to make the process easier. Place your ruler perpendicular to the horizontal lines, as shown, and draw short vertical lines between alternating pairs of 10mm-separated horizontal lines (as shown).


Now draw lines 2mm across from the lines you just drew, as shown.


Now align your ruler with the lines you just drew, and again draw lines on the other side of the ruler.


Again draw lines 2mm across from the lines you just drew, as shown.


Step 4: Drawing the Alternate Row of Bricks


First, measure exactly half way between the width of one of the bricks you have just drawn. In my example, the bricks are 26mm wide, so halfway is 13mm.

Now draw a very faint vertical guideline through this halfway point that extends up into the alternate row of bricks. Then you need to draw two lines, each 1mm across from this line. You can now erase the guideline.


Now you can use the same techniques from Step 3 to draw the rest of the bricks.


Step 5: Cleaning Up

Finally, erase portions of the horizontal lines so that the mortar between the bricks appears continuous. This is why it is important to draw the lines very faintly so that it is easier to erase these portions without erasing all the work you have done.

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