Drawing Textures: How to Draw Fur

Drawing Textures: How to Draw Fur

Welcome to our “How to draw Textures” Database! This post contains links to several brief tutorials which explain how to draw various types of fur. This section will be regularly expanded, and will include tips and techniques for drawing a range of different animal furs.


Generic Fur:


Generic Fur 1

Learn several simple steps for drawing a layered, longish fur.
Difficulty: ** (Low/Moderate)

Generic Fur 2

Learn several simple steps for drawing a layered, longish fur with highlights.
Difficulty: *** (Moderate)

Generic Fur 3

Learn a few simple steps for drawing a thin fur with short hairs.
Difficulty: * (Low)

General Shading Tutorial

Shading is the most important skill in any artist’s repertoire, but is also often the most difficult aspect of a drawing to get right. This tutorial demonstrates how to shade a smooth and uniform patch of graphite in several simple steps.

Difficulty: 1*

Required Equipment:

  • Pencils: HB-6B
  • Tissues/Makeup remover/Q-tips/Cotton buds/pads


General Drawing Tips

Avoid Smudging Your Work

When you are working on a large drawing and need to draw in one area of the paper, make sure you first cover the rest of the drawing with a second sheet of clean paper to rest your hand on. If you rest your hand on your drawing without the paper, you will smudge it.






Clear Any Eraser Shavings

The little bits of rubber which collect on your paper whenever you use your eraser can easily ruin your drawing if you do not clear them off the paper. The smaller shavings can be difficult to see and if you unwittingly grab a tissue and begin to smooth out some graphite and pass over the eraser shaving, those shavings will collect on the tissue and will erase any part of the drawing they come into contact with.

Tutorial: How to Draw a Realistic Wombat

Tutorial: How to Draw a Realistic Wombat

This tutorial explains the processes involved in drawing a realistic looking animal with graphite. The subject of this tutorial is one of the more difficult animals to draw; the Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat.

I used a reference photo taken by Glen Taylor of the Natural History Society of SA as a reference for this drawing.

Difficulty: 4*

Required Equipment:

  • Pencils: HB, 2B, 4-6B
  • Eraser with a point/corner
  • Cotton buds/pads

Welcome to Pencil Sessions!


Welcome to my brand new website, Pencil Sessions!


It’s a little barren at the moment, but I will soon be sharing tutorials, drawing based articles and various sketches and drawings that I create.


So bookmark the page, subscribe to the RSS feed, and check back soon!
– J

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